My mother began teaching me piano from the age of three. My parents quickly saw my passion for music and how fast I was excelling so they began private lessons at age six. I focused heavily on classical, contemporary, and composition before writing my first piece at the age of nine. I continued writing music all throughout the years, winning numerous state and national awards, including a full ride scholarship to the University of Washington. After obtaining my teaching certificate and diploma in Social Music from the American College of Musicians at the age of 15, I began putting together my own curriculum which has shown to be extremely effective. 

Our music school currently has over 100 students and is continually growing. Because of the unique energy and teaching method we present our students, we have been ranking 1st place in the State of Washington for student acceleration and composition 3 years running. Due to my unique training and background in composition, once my students learn the fundamental aspects of piano, I am able to then teach them composition. From 2015, our students have been dominating all competitions entered, especially the National PTA Reflections competition in music composition. Over the past three years, we have had over 30 students so far place in the top 5 at State Level, with one student advancing to Nationals and winning 2nd place! We make our lessons fun and enjoyable for our students by incorporating ear training, blindfold lessons, and teaching pieces they enjoy such as songs from the radio and movie soundtracks. My goal is to make sure piano doesn't become a chore, but rather an enjoyment.

In addition to music, I have a deep passion for medicine. While teaching full time,  I attended graduate school at the University of Washington for Pharmaceutical Bioengineering and graduated June 2018.